Frances M Lynch

List of Works: (click on the pictures for videos & sound files)


"Misfolding for Dummies"
is for speaker & instruments and is part of an alzheimer's research project with the Serpell Lab at University of Sussex

“Without Fungi”
an acapella work in progress in collaboration with Professor Lynne Boddy for female voices (July 26th 2021)

"No Need To Knead" 
for String quartet, speaker and 2 female singers, January 2021 
A recipe for the GRANT LOAF created by Nutritionist Doris Grant  (1905 - 2003) 

Works released online during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 as part of
Minerva Scientifica Connections 2020
Supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Music Creators
and public funding by the National Lottery through
Arts Council England Emergency Fund

The Superposition of State
(2020) for acapella recorded voices with some electronic manipulation.
Speakers -Jenny Miller & David Sheppard
Singers - David Sheppard (Countertenor), Julian Stocker (Tenor) & Gwion Thomas (Baritone). 
A collaboration with Quantum Physicist Dr. Isabelle Riou, Teledyne e2v in Chelmsford. The artist Jack Cornell made the animated film to accompany the music & you can see the full text here 
“VIRUS – in molecular mode” 
In collaboration with Brian Sutton, Professor of Molecular Biophysics, King’s College London.
Film by Shelley James
Inspired by the work of Dr Rosalind Franklin on Virus Structure
Constructed from Vocal Samples performed by
Frances M Lynch, Alice Privett,
Jenny Miller (Sopranos); Simone Ibbett-Brown, Margaret Cameron (Mezzos); Julian Stocker (Tenor); Gwion Thomas (Baritone); Herbie Clarke (Bass)
for Solo Soprano
(Frances M Lynch) and Tenor Viol (Annabel Malton)
Words from Nature’s Pictures 1671 by Natural Philosopher MARGARET CAVENDISH
Film by Jack Cornell
"Oh We'll Go This Day A-Rugglin'" for Solo Male Voice -performed by Gwion Thomas (baritone).
This little quasi folk song is a mini potted history of The Queen of Slime Mould - Gulielma Lister (1860 – 1949) 


Neither Shapes  a recorded work, part of the installation neither. by artist Chris Kent. April 29th 2018


"On the Isle of May"
for solo voice with accompanying female chorus and sound effects
performed by the composer.
Written for Edinburgh Festival Fringe show Scottish Superwomen of Science first performed Aug 5th 2017 
Celebrating ornithologists Leonora Rintoul and Evelyn Baxter
Minerva Mathematica for solo voice and accompanying sound file (premiered at  the Science Museum, London on Feb 22nd 2017)


Entomologists Anonymous for mixed acappella voices (premiered Bournemouth University, October 2016)

Epitaph for a Comet Hunter for solo voice with pre-recorded voices and harpsichord. A celebration of the life of astronomer Caroline Herschel Additional music by George Frideric Handel (“Rejoice Greatly” from the Messiah); a Catch for 4 voices attributed to William Herschel
Premiered The Book Club, Shoreditch, London, August 1st 2016

TrowelBlazers – Time and Tide and Tectonics wait for no woman for solo voice and mixed recorded voices (premiered Fossil Festival Lyme Regis April 28th 2016)

Williamina, astronomer fae Dundee for solo voice and sweeping brush (premiered The Book Club, Shoreditch, London, August 1st 2016)

Gramophone Review

DNA: Rosalind Franklin for 4 voices (premiered at the Islington Arts and Media School showcase on March 18th 2016 – a flagship project as part of British Science Week.)  REVIEW

 Swallowtail (Papilio machaon britannicus) for 4 voices (premiered at the Islington Arts and Media School showcase on March 18th 2016 – a flagship project as part of British Science Week.) REVIEW

Ada Bab(ble) for 5 voices (premiered Science Museum, London Nov 2015)

 She Sells Sea Shells for vocal quartet (premiered at King’s College London, October 2015)

Golden Hand for 5 voices (premiered at the British Medical Association in London in October 2014)

“Harmony Squared – Stitching a Song for Mary” commissioned by Stirling Castle for The Great Tapestry of Scotland exhibition

 Harmony Squared – Colour Pulse 5 for 5 voices (premiered Colourscape Festival, London Sept 2011)

“Shades of Earth” for 8 voices (premiered Colourscape Festival, London Sept 2011)

Other Commissions:

 The Watchers for acapella choir, text by Jill Fricker, commissioned by Barefoot Opera (premiered as part of CLASH!  at Hastings College September 2016)

 Margaret Cavendish – Forgetting to Remember for mixed voices, 2 saxophones and viol commissioned by Newcastle University (premiered at Rock Hall, Sage, Gateshead, September 2016)

 Remember for 4 female voices to a text by Emily Dickinson, commissioned by Newcastle University (premiered at Rock Hall, Sage, Gateshead, September 2016)

 Tailgneachd nam Ban Bhuidseach (The Witches’ Prophecy) for Còisir Lunnainn (The London Gaelic Choir) 2007 (Mod winner)

 “The Emperor and the Nightingale” for voice and piano – a children’s opera for Big Mouth Piano Tales (premiered by Frances M Lynch and Mark Troop at Lauderdale House, Highgate, December 2009)

 “Stella Maris” for Solent People’s Theatre (premiered in front of The Victory, Portsmouth 2007)