Let’s Do Engineering

Let’s do engineering is a research project by Heriot Watt University providing free online materials for children aged 3 – 7 yrs to learn about the breadth of engineering disciplines through play.
I was commissioned to create 4 songs with 2 engineers looking at Acoustic and Aeronautical Engineering and to create music for a series of dance activities called “Mars Mission” with Sara Motaghian a Software Engineer involved in space exploration (you can hear the music below). The songs were also recorded with our BSL interpreter Lauren Lister which you can also see below.

Amy Johnson was the focus for 2 of the songs, written in collaboration with Sarah Cooper, an electrical engineer and a great musician too! She designs radar and laser systems to help pilots spot objects to avoid in the sky. You can find out more about her here. We both really enjoyed learning more about Amy Johnson and her incredible solo flight to Australia and how she could mend her own plane and then writing songs about her together!

Amy Johnson – for 5 – 7yrs
Let’s Build a Plane for Amy – for 3 – 5yrs

You can download the Amy Johnson story here, and there are additional tracks for learning the songs on https://www.letsdoengineering.com/listen.

Here are the BSL videos of all 4 songs

“Let’s Build a Plane for Amy” (3-5 yrs)
“Amy Johnson” (6-7 yrs)
“I Can’t Hear” (3-5 yrs)
“Listen to the Sound” (6-7 yrs)

Here is the music I made for the games by Sara Motaghian who is developing instruments for missions such as the ExoMars 2022 Rover, to help us understand the surface of Mars and search for life elsewhere in the solar system.

Mars Mission
Neutral buoyancy lab Mission
Arctic Mission
Desert Mission