Voices for the Future
Figures & Folksongs: Jan 25th – March 8th 2022
Fleas & Flowers: March 22nd – April 12th 2022

Featuring Miriam Rothschild (1908-2005) Entomologist and Conservationist and Alice de Rothschild (1847-1922) Garden Designer and Horticulturalist; the Queen of the SciencesMary Somerville (1780-1872) Mathematician, Astronomer and Artist, and Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852) Mathematician. We kick off on Burn’s Night (Jan 25th) with some of the poet’s famous songs arranged by Scottish composer Helen Hopekirk  (1856 – 1945).

We have regular Tuesday sessions at 6.30pm and a number of special events.
You can catch up with missed sessions on videos below each week and download word sheets, music scores and sound files as they become available.

Please visit the main Virtual Choir Page for more details


  • SPECIAL EVENT: Sunday April 10th 3.30 – 5pm Dress Rehearsal for Zoom Concert
  • SPECIAL EVENT: Monday April 11th 7pm Voices for the Future – Women’s Nature – a ZOOM concert with singers from the Young Singers Programme (log in from 6pm)
  • PLENARY: Tuesday April 12th – Our final meeting until later in the year (we hope!) to discuss how we want to proceed!

Please scroll down for tracks, words & music for these sessions:

We are the  Voices for the Future VIRTUAL CHOIR
We are the  Voices for the Future VIRTUAL CHOIR
We sound AMA……..ZING
Every note in tune!
Can you hear us, Can you hear us
OH I think we’re on mute
We’re right off the scale……….

Entomologists Anonymous ALL VOICES + 2 bars count in
Entomologists Anonymous ALL VOICES + click
Entomologists Anonymous Voice 1 + click
Entomologists Anonymous Voice 2 + click
Entomologists Anonymous Voice 3 + click
Entomologists Anonymous Voice 1a + click (2 bars count in)
Entomologists Anonymous Voice 2a + click (2 bars count in)
Entomologists Anonymous Voice 3a + click (2 bars count in)

Scroll down for past sessions, practice tracks and catch up videos for this project:

Session 9: April 5th – Entomology Signs & Performance Rehearsal
Session 8: March 29th – Getting our clapping and stamping and riffs in place (without killing any insects in the process!)
Session 7: March 22nd – And now for some Entomology and the women who study it
Session 6 March 1st – Rehearsal for our Special Event – including some simple BSL signing
Session 5 Feb 22nd – Recording ADA BAB(BLE) ready for performance.
Session 4 Feb 15th ADA BAB(BLE) time to get this put together with a bit of lovely round singing with Wishing by Nicola Lefanu,
Session 3 Feb 8th Wishing adding on a bit of a round by Nicola Lefanu, and investigating more from ADA BAB(BLE)
Session 2 Feb 1st – Learning parts for ADA BAB(BLE) – music which details the history of women in computing in the UK. You will be singing a few of the sections
Session 1 Jan 25th – BURN’S NIGHT!! A sing-song of some of his popular songs arranged by Helen Hopekirk (1856 – 1945) – you can listen and sing-a-long to the track below using the word sheet or music score!

VOICES FOR THE FUTURE aims to discover, honour, and promote female voices past and present and to inspire, guide and build diverse VOICES FOR THE FUTURE.