In June 2021 I was delighted to e-meet Kira Ramchaitar-Husbands and work with her on the Misfolding Project for Serpell Lab at Sussex University. We are planning to work together on my “Voices for the Future” project later in the year when we will be creating work about the mysterious world of fungi – The Wood Wide Web

Frances M Lynch

The Superposition of State
(2020) for acapella recorded voices with some electronic manipulation – you can see the full text here

Speakers -Jenny Miller & David Sheppard
Singers – David Sheppard (Countertenor), Julian Stocker (Tenor) & Gwion Thomas (Baritone)
Film by  Jack Cornell 

Inspired by quantum physics in collaboration with Dr Isabelle Riou, Teledyne e2v, Chelmsford.
Laser-matter interactions and atom interferometry.
Particles, that are also waves, waves, patterns, reflected in the water of climate change.

Released online during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 as part of
Minerva Scientifica Connections 2020
Frances M Lynch was supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Music Creators
and with public funding by the National Lottery through
Arts Council England Emergency Fund

Kira Ramchaitar-Husbands

‘Folding and Misfolding’
(June 2nd 2021) for sampled paper folding sounds and audio-visual electronics

It was created at a 2 day intensive online workshop led by Frances M Lynch for the Centre for Research in Opera and Music-Theatre at Sussex University.

Inspired by the research of biochemist and neuroscientist Professor Louise Serpell and one of her team at the Serpell Lab, Dr Karen Marshall, this short piece is a representation of the folding, and often deadly, biological mechanisms of misfolding proteins in relation to new research in the areas of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The project is due to continue next year when I hope to develop this demo into a longer work.